Does the Pope Tweet?

The Pope has been in Britain this week which started me wondering how he keeps in touch with people back home when he’s on a business trip like this: he doesn’t look like someone who would text or keep his fans posted on Facebook. So I Googled “Does the Pope Tweet?”. Well, there is a Twitter account called Pope Benedict but I’m not sure it’s really him. It only has about 5,000 followers – which seems low – Jesus managed to feed that many with five loaves and a couple of fish (they didn’t get chips). The last Tweet from that account was a year ago, in Latin. One of the people that Twitter account follows is ‘Secularheretic’ whose last Tweet was “Condoms don’t prevent AIDs,” which is perhaps the sort of post that might meet Pope Benedict’s approval.

His Holiness might not have a Twitter account (it’s hard to tell who’s the real deal on Twitter) but he is online. At you can learn all about Pope 2.0, including his iPhone and Facebook Apps. He’s on Youtube and you can see speeches and interviews at Pope2you View.

So he’s a bit more twenty-first century than I thought and maybe he even keeps a mobile phone under those rather flamboyant robes; the vibrations might explain that enigmatic smile.

If Jesus returned now, what would he make of the world? (surely he wouldn’t ride around in a Popemobile). If you got a text from Jesus, what would it say?


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