I’ve Been Had

In my previous blog I wrote a sentence with the word “and” five times consecutively. That prompted friend Clive to trump me significantly by challenging me to come up with a sentence that has the same word 11 times in a row.  It’s a puzzle which comes courtesy of his father, who was an English teacher. My ‘five-anded sentence’ was told to me by my grandfather. It’s nice that these things are being passed from generation to generation; who needs to inherit money? Want to know Clive’s Dad’s unusual sentence?

Brian, where Susan had had “had”, had had “had had”; “had had” had had the teacher’s approval.

If you didn’t have to read that a few times to make sense of it, you’re sharper than I am. Clive also challenged me to come up with four different words that sound the same. Unlike the 11 word challenge, which I failed dismally, I did at least come up with a few possible answers:

Write, right, rite, wright.

Air, heir, ayre, ere

Do, dew, jew, due

Now, I’ll concede that the third one is a bit of a cheat because they aren’t pronounced exactly the same. But I was rather pleased with myself for coming up with the others. Clive then moved the goalposts by telling me a rule that he hadn’t mentioned; that the words must be in current usage. He reckoned ayre and rite are not (apart from ‘rite of passage’). He obviously hasn’t played ayre on a G-string lately.

A prize for the first person who works out Clive’s conumdrum.  Clue: the longest word is three letters.


2 Responses to “I’ve Been Had”

  1. Claire Gregory Says:

    Hi Tim,
    Took me a while but is it oar, ore, awe, or?

    C x

    • Well done Claire – I expected nothing less from a girl who cracked the Rubik’s cube in seconds when she was a teenager! You win the prize (I just have to work out what it is!).

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