My Guardian Angel Wants a Word

On 1-1-11 I blogged that I’ve been a little obsessed by that number pattern, seeming to see 11:11 on digital clocks very regularly since my teenage years and vaguely wondering what might happen to me on 11-11-11 this year. Yesterday evening my wife was watching the hospital soap Holby City, and for the first time ever I watched some of it. One of the characters made all her decisions based on signs sent by her guardian angel, including not going for vital surgery because it wasn’t one o’clock. She seemed to be a member of some sort of movement called ’11:11 Light Guardians’. Surely it must be a sign; the first time I see the show it has an 11:11 message. But a sign of what?

Today I typed ’11:11 Light Angels’ into Google and got 1.3 million results. There are 131 videos in Google Videos on the subject.

Imagine my surprise to discover that, apparently, if you see the numbers 11:11 regularly it’s because angels want to communicate with you. There are, conveniently, 1,111 spirit guardians, and they asked for 11:11 to be their sign when we developed digital clocks.

One site, Angel of Light Center has a message from Mary “The Magdalene” about January 11th, 2011 (1-11-11 in American). I guess Mary doesn’t have internet access because her message is “channelled” by Anna Beatrice.

At Universal Life Tools they reckon that 2009 was a rare 11 Universal vibration year (2+0+0+9 = 11). “Thus the 11 Universal vibration year will bring about a planetary rLOVEution of grand proportions and connect EARTH back to the HEART (just move the H from the end to the beginning) of LOVE (Live, One, Vibrational, Energy).” Is it me, or are they taking these patterns a little too far – they’ve even dragged poor old words into it?

Now, I’m probably above-averagely open to things that many people (if not angels) would consider alternative, even whacko. I meditate, do yoga and have been to many sessions at the eRejuvenation center in London where they specialise in channelling positive energy, all of which I’ve found beneficial. Out of curiosity I once even spent a weekend on a course run by Psychic Sue which was interesting (although I wasn’t sure about her claim that she could “read” bare buttocks). But, comforting as it is to think I might have a guardian angel, even I can’t stretch to thinking that he/she is communicating with me through the digital clock of my Ford Fiesta.

I thought it was only me that had this interest in 11:11; it’s even, coincidentally, the date of my wedding. So it’s with some disappointment that I learn that 75m other people also notice this number pattern. Perhaps I’m not so special; it’s just that, as I suspected, 11:11 is a noticeable number. On the other hand, maybe Holby did contain a message from my guardian angel: “Go forth and write a blog about this.”

If you’ve got nothing better to do than watch that episode of Holby City (but I’m sure you have) you can see it here, preferably at 11:11 p.m.


One Response to “My Guardian Angel Wants a Word”

  1. Hi Tim.

    Kung Hei Fat Choi from HK. I stumbled across this through linked in and thought I would send a comment to let you know that on 11.11.11 I’m going to celebrate my 40th with a massive party so hope the world doesn’t blow up 🙂 Or at least if it does I’ll have gone out having a blast!

    Hope you are well

    Cheers, Emma

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