Skate Bush

There was a good piece on BBC Radio 4 yesterday about the increasing popularity in Britain of women’s Roller Derby, where women on roller skates whizz round a track trying to block and shove each other aggressively. What entertained me the most was the names that the girls had chosen for themselves, which included:

Sylvia Wrath

Polly Rocket

Tequilla Mocking Bird

Cilla Block

Vital Sadistic

Roar Heidi

The girls who compete around the world are asked to register their names. There are thousands so I’ve found a few more that appeal – it seems that some of these girls are not only tough and fast but witty:

Demanda Riot

Zoomer Thurman

Youth Inasia

Yolanda Punch

Womb Raider

Wild Bill Hipblock

Wicked Bitch of the West

Warren Peace

Vy O’Later

Vivi Section

Trudy Struction

Torri D’Affair

Systa Wrecktomy

Sybil Unrest

Swiss Army Wife

Suzi 9mm

Surly Valentine

Sulphuric Astrid

Sue Nami

Splatty Hearst

Smother Theresa

Slicer Minnelli

Slaying Grace

Slammah Montana

Skaty Perry

Sinead O’Coroner

Scratcher in the Eye

And the rather saucy:

Slabyia Majora

Amanda Jamitinya

Vulva Las Vegas


Urethra Franklin

As you might have spotted I started at Z and got as far down the list as S (I found Amanda Jamitinya on the Wikipedia entry for Roller Derby). Feel free to see if you can find some other good ones in the rest of the alphabet and post them in the comments.  Or better still, come up with a suitable name for yourself – but you’d better get your skates on because most possibilities seem to have been thought of already.

And finally, on the subject of funny names, a couple of years ago I was managing a telesales team calling senior business people as part of a campaign. It took one poor telemarketer several attempts, amid howls of laughter from the rest of the team, to say into the phone “Could I speak to Mr Sackashit please.”


4 Responses to “Skate Bush”

  1. Kate Shoup Says:

    My two favorites from our local Naptown Roller Girls: Valerie Hurtinelli and Kickabroad Crane.

    • Thanks Kate. Have been trying to come up with a suitable name for you – I guess Chicken Shoup wouldn’t be one to instill fear in the opposition. x

  2. I’m glad someone understands and appreciates my derby name! xoxo Vivi Section

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