Vampire Scrabble

I’ve found a new addiction – Scrabble on Facebook It’s not so much the game that I enjoy, but the chat with opponents from all over the world. So far players have included: a suspiciously pale girl in Transylvania playing at night; a woman in Barbados who used to live near me and knows some of the same people; a woman in Hong Kong who, like me, used to drink in Joe Bananas bar 22 years ago; a man in South Africa who told me he was naked; and a man in Lagos, Nigeria whose first language is Yoruba.

The game with the Nigerian prompted me to look up languages in Nigeria and there are 527, of which 514 are still “live”. My favourite sounding ones are Ogbogolo and O’chi’chi. The longest name of a Nigerian language is Numana-Nunku-Gbantu-Numbu and the one that I reckon would get you a good score if you could put it down in a Nigerian Scrabble game is Zizilivakan. But here’s the thing – none of these people said they play Scrabble in their first language but they’re all so good at it in English – they regularly come up with words that have me reaching for a dictionary.

Anyway, got to dash; I need a FIX (13 points).


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