Elvis Lives

That headline is sadly not true but it is an anagram. I’ve written before that Tim Lafferty = Matt Firefly = Raffle My Tit etc. and I’ve been doing a bit more casting around for good anagrams. There are several online anagram generating tools, including the INTERNET ANAGRAM SERVER which is itself an anagram of I, REARRANGEMENT SERVANT. Here are a few of my favourites:


david cameron = advice random

george bush = he bugs gore


princess diana = ends in a car spin

madonna louise ciccone = one cool dance musician = occasional nude income

william shakespeare = i am a weakish speller = i’ll make a wise phrase

Almost Spooky

the eyes = they see

debit card = bad credit

decimal point = i’m a dot in place

astronomer = moon starer = no more star

telescope = to see place

desperation = a rope ends it

conversation = voices rant on

christmas = trims cash

snooze alarms = alas no more Zs

schoolmaster = the classroom

eleven plus two = twelve plus one

And my favourite, one which I’d do well to remember more often:

listen = silent



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